Dads In The Picture (DITP) is a registered Non-Profit Organization. Since its inception the organization has managed to meet basic necessities such as travelling and catering through the donations received from members and a number of partner organizations.

In order for our Office Bearers to fulfill the Organization's work around the country, we do require financial and non-financial support. Our non-financial support includes, but is not limited to:

  • Invitations to partnering with organizations & individuals at activities and sessions that might help grow the positive fatherhood movement;
  • Provision of venues for our different workshops and father and child activities;
  • Lending out of equipment at various activities

Please forward such proposals to

All financial pledges /cash donations are to be made into the Organization's bank account as listed below. These donations will be allocated towards:

  • supporting the expansion program to other parts of the country and beyond SA borders by covering the travelling and logistics costs;
  • supplementing the training offered by our partner organizations in ensuring we build capacity;
  • assisting with the costs incurred in attending and representing the fatherhood movement at different fora within our region;
  • assisting with the branding of the organization in the form of printing and maintenance of our online portals.

Donation details (Electronic Funds Transfer preferred)

Account Name: Dads in the picture
Bank: First National Bank
Branch Name: Carlswald
Branch number: 250117
Account number: 62419799640
Account Type: Cheque Account (non-profit)
Reference: MembershipNumber OR Initial+Surname+Cellnumber OR "BLANK"

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